Recycling of car wrecks in full compliance with EU legislation

RECAVIA company since its inception, engaged in professional recycling of car wrecks and ostatnícj discarded vehicles. Compared to conventional processes, our recycling process is terminated with high-capacity shredder with unique clustering technology. For each processed vehicles, we are able to effectively sort out min. 95% of the materials that can be recycled and used for further production. We meet so seamlessly EU regulation that mandates that all car wrecks in the EU must be a minimum of 95% recycled.

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All our car wrecks are processed entirely in accordance with current legislation. Thanks to modern technology we remove from each vehicle to 99% of hazardous substances.

During each disassembly process carefully we sort out all the materials, which can also use the materials. Standard and achieve up to 95% re-use of material processed on all vehicles.

Body net of plastics and other materials, together with other metal parts of the vehicle crushed into fractions suitable for further processing in steelworks our customers.

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All materials obtained from car wrecks are delivered directly to end processors. We offer the best possible appreciation for your car wrecks.


Your car wrecks process exactly according to current legislation. Get regular reports needed for payment of grants and other aid.


Your car wrecks piggyback ride to our recycling center exactly according to your time and disposition requirements.

Our company is one of the largest processors of scrap cars in the Czech Republic. We work with operators scrapyards and authorized firms that deal with ecological destruction wrecked cars for which we provide an efficient recycling of old cars and discarded.

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