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More than 20 years we make sure that the words ecology, recycling and sustainable development are not just empty phrases. Our company Recavia Ltd. He is dedicated to the collection and recycling of old wrecks, waste from the automotive industry and other types of waste that can further use the materials. We are aware that the only truly effective and perfect processing of waste is not only an important contribution to the environment, but also provides interesting economic assessment for all of our suppliers and partners.

We will give you more than others

Purchase and processing of metal

and plastic waste

We purchase a wide variety of wastes suitable for further material recovery

Purchase and processing wood waste

We buy a wide variety of wood waste suitable for further processing and back material utilization

Shredding of waste materials

Your waste and other materials for further processing will shredd with mobile crusher HAMMEL VD 950 RED GIANT

Processing of scrap and car wrecks

Mobile baler Lollini AL5000 is compressed scrap cars and other metal wastes directly on your scrap yard

Special transport service and waste material logistic

Modern hook lift container trucks with hand and grab are also available for your waste

We recommend a lot to offer ...



All of our materials are delivered directly to the production of the world's largest producers. We offer the best possible waste recycling for all our suppliers.

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Innovative processing methods and efficient logistics = always better price for your material than the competition


In the field of waste processing, international trade and logistics, we have more than 20 years of experience.

Under all circumstances, we are always serious partner

for all our clients and suppliers, to whom we offer a broad portfolio of services in the recycling of materials, services, trade and transport. You try and take advantage of our wealth of experience and