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The largest mobile crusher on the market

Within the portfolio of services we provide to our clients powerful mobile crusher slow-950 HAMMEL RED GIANT, which currently ranks among the most powerful universal mobile waste shredders on the market. 

The unique construction of the crusher 950 HAMMEL RED GIANT along with the construction of the crushing shaft enables us to successfully crush waste wood materials or used tires. Huge power 710 hp CAT engine with a torque of 440,000 Nm easily deal with it. Transverse magnetic separator above a conveyor belt reliably separated off any metal components which are not crushed type of material desirable for its next use. 

We offer the largest mobile crusher on the market

Benefit from the unique features and performance crusher HAMMEL VB 950

For our customers is the main reason for crushing waste a substantial reduction in the volume of waste, whether for reasons of optimizing transport costs or space saving on landfill waste. Another reason for the shredding of its preparation for further processing in a technological or energy lines. Disposer HAMMEL 950 RED GIANT is particularly suitable for crushing waste and construction wood and other biological materials and residues, industrial and municipal wastes of all kinds, light meal, Automotive Body, electronic waste, but also tires, plastic waste, packaging and many other for most other devices are difficult to process materials.

Waste wood materials

Shredding of waste wood materials are ensured with an hourly output of up to 100 tons. The resulting fraction is suitable for further material utilization.

Used tires

Used tires are able to easily pulverize their next energy utilization in cement and other aficionados energy plants.

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wood materials or used tires?

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