Mobile baling of car wrecks and scrap directly at your scrap yard

    Besides the most efficient recycling process itself wrecks is our goal and efficient logistics of purchased wrecks. Larger volumes of material we are able to process your supplier to own a mobile press Lollini AL 5000
  • For customers from the Czech and Slovak Republic and also provide baling of scrap metal and other aficionados materials.
  • The form and dimensions of the bales are fully accepted by all the ironworks, which receive the compressed material.
  • Daily capacity of this device is 80 to 100 tons of material.
  • Filling the press material, packing and other handling packages directly onto a truck can handle one person.
  • Drive the baler provides a separate diesel engine, which is independent of the drive tractor.
  • For easy handling the material, the press is equipped with a rotating loading crane with Peel Grapples.
  • Mobile press allows to compress up to 15 vehicles per hour.

Service stamping and scrap car wrecks offered throughout the Czech Republic and Slovakia at the best price on the market!

Size bales are 120 x 80 cm x length 150-200 cm (depending on the original size of the vehicle)

Operation of the press on your scrap yard is very quiet, safe and completely autonomous independent staff establishment.

Do you need car baler ?